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Brazen Not Battered: The Road to Abuse Awareness

Physical abuse. Sexual abuse. Emotional abuse. Verbal abuse. Psychological abuse. Narc abuse. Corporate abuse. Addiction abuse. Child abuse. You name it, someone has suffered from it—and all too often, suffered alone, without help, without knowing where to turn to, without realizing how many damn women can relate and understand. #MeToo

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It was never my intention to start an awareness campaign or support site for abused women. I thought I was just pursuing my dreams as a self-published author of a few fun travel memoirs, an empowered romance series, and some metaphysical children’s books.

But somewhere along the lines, a new message came to me loud and clear: tell your story.

What story is that? The one that has repeated over and over again in many relationships over the entirety of my life. The story of how many times I subjected myself to emotional abuse at the hands of a narcissist. And so, the journey began to write a fiction book that blended some of my experiences, some of my friends’ experiences, and some of researched stories. Every other book I have written was “easy.” This one was the hardest thing I have ever written in my life—taking well over a year, forcing me into reliving tremendous pain. While it is a book based on imagination, too many truths of recognition and memory surfaced during the journey. But in writing this novel, it was truly cathartic; it allowed me to heal wounds I didn’t even know I still had.

But this blog is not about my book; it’s about my journey to a new passion of abuse awareness. The more time I spent reflecting on the book, the more I realized that its purpose was bigger than me. It was channeled for a greater cause; a message that needed to reach women out there who felt alone, scared, and unsure if they could survive the life they unwittingly fell into.

Why is this calling to me? If I can help even one woman on her transition from abused to survivor, then all of this reliving of my own journey will have been worth it.

But to do that, I need more than a book. I need a safe haven for women to come to learn, explore, and “a-ha” their way to healing. A place where we can exchange our heartfelt stories (under the confidentiality of “guest bloggers”), read about the growing awareness in the media, and identify with everything associated with abuse: the grooming, the gaslighting, the love-bombing, the blame shifting, the entrapment, and so on. By doing so—and by also sharing safe ways to get out and move on—we can create a mini society of survivors that can lead the oppressed into the light.

So, why Brazen Not Battered? Because we are bold enough to rise from the ashes of destructive abuse. We are not our battered past; we are stronger, wiser, and audacious. We dare to lift ourselves up with resilience and defiance—we will not be beaten by fists, actions, or words any longer.

How can you contribute to the change? Simply write to me; I want to hear your story, at whatever stage you are at.

This is our time to find and embrace our power. This is our time to use our voice to help others who are struggling with narcissistic partners and walk beside them as they transition to abuse survivors. Will you join the #brazennotbattered movement?

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