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About Me

Hi! I'm Jenny--and I'm a Thriving Survivor.

There are all kinds of abuse in this world: child abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, narc abuse, psychological abuse, and so on. I am a survivor of emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of a few different narcissistic personalities I've encountered over the whole of my life. By creating this site, my hope is to provide a safe space for other survivors to learn, relate, share, and ultimately, heal.

My blogs and upcoming books are written to empower those who have suffered at the hands of an abuser to break free and embrace their own power. To turn tragedy into triumph. To do more than survive; to THRIVE. And to never let anyone ever beat them again--with their bodies, their words, or their actions.

I have been a writer all of my life, but only recently (the last few years), have I stepped into my passion of self-publishing novels of all kinds. But a new kind of story came to me one night; a desire to tell a fictional, yet relatable, tale of emotional abuse that could help other women identify the struggle and find the courage to get out. From there, the idea to launch a site dedicated to all kinds of trauma and healing took hold, and brainstorms for future books based on sexual, corporate, and even food abuse inspired me into this new genre.

Too many nights have I suffered my own story. Now, it's time to use that experience to bring awareness and healing through my truths, my stories, and my research. I want to show others how you really can flourish in the aftermath of traumatic adversity.

I would also love to hear about YOUR personal journey; I am always looking for new storytellers for my blog--and I post under my "guest" profile, so your identity is always confidential, hidden, and protected. I want to create a safe space for victims/survivors to tell their stories and inspire others to do the same.


Whether you are stuck and don't know how to get out, in transition to a new life, or celebrating years of being abuse-free, your story is welcome here. Through our shared journeys, we can all heal and grow together.

Blessings and Triumphs,

Jenny xo

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