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Saturn Rain: A Post-Divorce Poem

It’s been raining for what seems like years

The rain can be dark and cold, it can bring gloom and great sadness, yearning for the sun to shine again

But do not look upon rain as this cloud of negativity or despair, and see it for what it truly is

Without rain, we would not learn how to appreciate the sun and all its glory

Without the clouds, there would be no clearing after the storm

Without the thunder, we would not awake to see the lightening strike a new beginning

Rain is growth, for you need both water and sunlight to survive

It washes away the past and cleanses the present to make way for the future

It only washes away the debris; never a strong foundation from which to rebuild upon

It can rain for days on end, forcing us to go inside, to face the debris of our lives and let it go

It is then we can walk freely outside, and turn our face up to the drizzling sky with courage

Letting the rain pour down on us, feeling the freedom of each drop as we release our fears

And only after accepting the beauty of rain and remembering the sun will come out again

We are graced with the beauty of the rainbow, its miracle of colors and grandeur

A lesson has been learned, with the promise of a new day, a new life and a new hope

I say let it rain, and rain hard, so that I can bask in the sunlight

of my tomorrow, which shall become my today

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