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Diffuse Your Abuse.

Take Your Power Back.


I'm Jenny

And I'm an emotional abuse survivor. Let's get real and talk about abuse: how it finds us, how it controls us, how it manipulates us
--and how we can rise above it to be stronger than ever. By speaking out, you can heal, inspire, and embrace your power.
Now Available on Kindle & Paperback
The time has come to shine a light on the ironically silent shadow of emotional violence against another human being. Beat Me With Your Words is a unforgivingly relatable fictional tale of narcissism and gaslighting...and a woman's journey to fight back.
Emily Davidson had it all. Born with natural brains, beauty, and creative passion, she was destined for a fulfilling life of love and success…until the ultra-charming Blake Denton stole her heart and engulfed her very core.  Years of countless forgiven betrayals and harsh words whittled away at her life, leaving her unrecognizable to family, to friends, and to herself. It will take all the strength she has to wake up and walk away—but can strength be found in the pieces of a shattered soul?

“A raw, honest, insightful look into the reality of abuse and how it draws you in. The way we talk ourselves out of the flags, how we hold on to “the story” in our heads, the myriad of ways we abandon ourselves and call it love - you don't realize it until you're drowning. There's just a lot of shame wrapped up in it, so we don't often talk about what happened – Beat Me With Your Words shatters the illusion behind gaslighting and blame.” - Suzanne L., Advanced Reader Review

Beat Me with Your Words - Independent Bo

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Share your story with me and my blog readers (confidentially) and inspire others with your journey.

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